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Meet your Coach Alan.
The founder of Body Mindful Dublin.

You’re in Good Company.

Respect and Fun is the Foundation of our Trainings.

Members have become like family here. Respect and fun goes a long way when it comes to group trainings. The loving accountability here will push you to go that extra mile you always wanted to go.


These are a few of the transformations of Body Mindful Dublin. If you feel you are ready to start your own transformation then get in touch for a chat.

Fiona’s Progress

Fiona’s results are astonishing. She really put in the work over the 8 weeks she trained with me and her results show this. She got stronger, fitter, and much more confident.

Lisa’s Progress

Lisa was completely new to training so this 4 week progress picture shows what a good shock to the system can do. She worked hard and at no point found it a struggle.

Irita’s Progress

Iritia learned how to enjoy her training and finally make progress. From day 1 she went all in and dedicated herself to her training.

Group Training The BodyMindful Way

At Body Mindful Dublin, we ensure that your mind gets as good a workout as your body. The mind is probably the most important part of creating a transformation so having a strong mindset is key.

The right mindset will help push you on improving your overall fitness and strength.

Personal Training

If group training is not for you, I have limited slots available for personal training for women and men In Dublin City. All sessions will be tailored to your individual goals. Contact for further information.


Studies have shown that those who participate in group fitness are more dedicated and get better results while having fun along the way.