Who Is BodyMindful Dublin

Well I suppose that’s me. My name is Alan and I’ve been working in the fitness industry now for about 7 years. I’ve worked in large commercial gyms, college gyms, community sports centres, private studios, and outdoors in parks etc.

I’ve trained almost every type of client at this stage. I’ve seen every struggle, and experienced every emotion attached to it. I’ve taken elderly people from limited movement and constant pain to pain free and running around like they were 20 years younger. I’ve taken brides from a year before the wedding right up to their wedding day. I’ve helped people get beach body ready. I’ve helped severely overweight people claim back and take control of their life, but the most important thing I’ve done is help people discover and build their confidence.

Helping someone become confident in themselves is why I’m in this industry. I think the industry is terrible at making people feel worse about themselves, making them feel like they are not doing enough, like they are not enough. Considering we as trainers are here to help people we seem to be making it worse. Somewhere along the way the lure of Instagram followers, free leggings and protein samples became more fulfilling than helping people feel good about themselves.

So, you could probably call me the Confidence Coach if you want to get cheesy. I’ve struggled with confidence my whole life. I’ve always been overweight, for most of my life anyway. From the age of about 6 or 7 I started to gain weight fast. I was shy, clumsy, a fussy eater, just wasn’t into any sports, probably because I was always picked last for teams and thrown in goal because I was fat. I was bullied for a large part of my life and I was that friend in the group who was there to be picked on. But at least I belonged to something.

That’s what I always told myself. So, I took a lot of abuse through my childhood and teenage years, like so many people out there have, but unfortunately this carries through to adult life. You may think you have left all that in the past but I guarantee some part of it still causes a trigger in you that then causes some unwanted response, like eating an entire share bag of crisps without sharing. I don’t like to share.

The point is I came into my adult life with zero confidence. Nothing. And fast forward to now and I would happily say I’m confident in myself. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point. And there are still days when my confidence takes a knock. But that’s life. There’s always something to try to bring us back down.

But it’s up to us if we let it bring us down.

So who am I? Well I’m empathetic, kind, caring, supportive, adventurous, motivational, some would say inspirational if I want to get cocky, but mostly I’m me, I’m Alan, and I am BodyMindful Dublin.

What is The BodyMindful Way?

So after the above you should have a fair idea of who I am, but what exactly is it I do? Well I do Personal Training, Group Training, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Massage, Holistic Massage, and you could probably say Motivational Coaching too. But it’s likely you already know this and are probably already a client of one of my services. These are the services I provide, but I don’t believe that really tells you what I do.

So, what do I do?

I guide. I guide people towards their health and fitness goals by providing education and support, and a great environment to train in free of judgement and bullshit. I’ll help you dig deeper past that superficial goal and get down to the real reason you came to me. I’ll help you improve your strength and in most cases, show you you’re already stronger than you think you are. I’ll show you it doesn’t have to be torture, and you don’t have to be on a crazy restrictive diet to improve your body and health. I’ll show you how to have fun with your fitness again and learn to enjoy going to the gym. Imagine, looking forward to training. But the main thing I will do is help you find your confidence. I don’t think you need to lose weight to be confident. Realistically nothing needs to change to be confident.


Confidence is not a destination, it’s a feeling. Its internal, so no external factor such as a number on a scale is going to provide lasting confidence.


In the end of the day if you leave my studio feeling a little better in yourself, then I have done my job.