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June 13, 2018

Love Yourself To Change Yourself

First you must love yourself, then you can change yourself.
Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?
If you love yourself why would you want to change yourself?
Well when you love yourself, you want the best for yourself.
You want to fuel your body and make it as healthy as possible.
You want to strengthen and protect your mind.
You want to acknowledge and express your emotions in a healthy way.
There is a big difference between trying to change yourself out of hate compared to out of love.
Lets take exercise for example. When its coming from a place of hate, exercise is used as punishment. Its used as a way to feel less repulsed by what you see in the mirror.
It becomes punishment for anything “bad” you may have eaten. Its used in the hope that one day you might finally be happy with yourself.
Its an external tool for an internal issue.
This will never lead to happiness and you will always be on and off your plan wondering why you cant just make some progress.
When we take the same path but from a place of love and self care its a very different story.
You exercise out of want instead of need. You want to make your body as strong and and fit as possible. You eat to fuel for better health rather than to restrict and deprive yourself.
When you take this path there are so many positives to focus on and so many different ways you can see progress.
With self love comes better self thought and self language. Basically this means the more you practice this the more natural it becomes. You start to speak about yourself with better language, you start to think and feel better about yourself, and those negative thoughts become a thing of the past.
If you are someone who constantly belittles yourself, calls yourself bad names even in a joking way (you know its not a joke to you), and thinks you’re worthless, how can you ever expect to make true progress.
Why should your body and mind work for you when you are so hateful to it?
Think about that.
Improve your relationship with yourself and you will finally see improvements in all areas.
Are you someone who has been hateful to yourself?
May 28, 2018

Mental Health And Resistance Training

Last week I seen an article on the benefits of resistance training for mental health and it’s amazing to see this topic finally get more attention.

Resistance training has long been proven to be beneficial for both physical and mental health but much of the focus has been on physical health as mental health doesn’t get spoken about much. Well it’s nice to see this start to change.

Resistance training and exercise in general is amazing for overall health but too often it is used wrong.

Most people use it as a tool for torture and punishment. The general thought process is usually “I want to lose weight, so I need to exercise”. And this is the wrong focus. Yes, if you’re carrying too much extra weight there are going to be health complications, however, if your focus is more around improving health and getting stronger, the language changes to “I want to exercise so I can improve my health”.

This is an entirely different focus. Need becomes want. Need is forces from an external focus, want comes from within. When you need to do something, it feels like a chore. When you want to do something, it comes with passion.

You see, 45 minutes of exercise becomes your time for you. It’s your time away from the world to focus on just yourself and improving you. So many people won’t take this time for themselves. But it is essential. Especially as you age. I’ve seen the difference in mind and body from people who did not stay active compared to those who kept up regular activity right up to their 60s and 70s and the difference is immense.

Keeping up regular activity is your insurance to live a better life as you age.

Combining exercise with some mindfulness activities such as meditation or journaling really helps keep both your body and mind as strong as possible.

Looking after both is essential. One without the other will only get you so far.

Here is the article i spoke of on resistance training and mental health.

Resistance Training and Mental Health

If you would like to talk about options to improve both your physical and mental health, just fill in the contact form below and we can have a chat.

September 21, 2017

I Don’t Like My Reflection

Mirror reflection



When i look in the mirror i don’t like what i see.

If this is a common thought for you then that needs to change. No one should dislike their reflection.

Being someone who has had this issue for years, and now being able to say I’m happy with my reflection, i know how tough it can be.

You look at your reflection and your first thoughts are negative. You pick at the things you don’t like and you think about how you could change them.

You are not alone.

So many people feel the exact same way. But this is not ok.

I believe a lot of this stems from the media, particularly those magazines for women which mainly point out how horrible a certain celebrity looks in their bikini or how someone has really let themselves go. And once someone improves their body to the point they look anorexic, they are hailed as fabulous once again.

Again, this is not ok.

Our minds have been warped to believe you have to look a certain way, be a certain size, and fit into a certain type of clothes to be deemed beautiful.

I despise this.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

But it takes a long time and a lot of self work to be able to see this, and more importantly admit this to yourself.

Constantly feeling like you are not enough will leave you constantly not being enough. How you feel is completely in your control. Therefore you can take back this power and choose to feel better about yourself.

Now its not as simple as just snapping your fingers and telling yourself you’re hot every day. But this does help.

If you start focusing on the positives you will find more positive.

For years i have trained to change my body. To be more muscular. To have less of a belly. Especially as a personal trainer theres an expected look you feel you have to achieve. Well i no longer feel i need to conform to a specific look. And i have really grown to love and accept my body as it is.

Now i will still train, i love making my body stronger and my focus is on improving my health and just continuing to feel good in my own skin. As a result of this my body will change, but thats completely fine as looking a certain way doesn’t change how i feel about myself.

But that specifically is not my goal. Not my focus. And no longer my obsession.

You should do the same. Focus on your health, improving your strength, improving your fitness and flexibility, and improving your relationship with your body.

If you focus on these, everything else just tends to fall into place, and you will be much happier along the way.

Its not an overnight fix, its a journey into yourself.

And if you keep moving forward, through the journey, you will be proud of yourself and what you can achieve.

This is a massive topic we will be working on in my 6 week challenge groups starting next week. If you would like more information on the challenge just send me a message.

In 6 weeks time you could have a much healthier relationship with your reflection.

Its time to start your journey…..

July 7, 2017

How would you feel if you looked in the mirror and seen the body of your dreams?


Realistically we have all seen a body on TV, in a movie, or in a magazine, and thought to ourselves, jaysus if I had that body id be happy.

Now being realistic the body you are looking is probably airbrushed to within an inch of its life, or the person is literally paid to look like that. If we had a personal trainer every day, a personal chef, groomer (makes us sound like dogs), beauty people whatever you want to call them, and we were being paid to be in great shape, then that would be a different story.

In real life, we have normal jobs, we should cook our own meals, we must motivate ourselves to train, and it always seems like an endless struggle fighting for this perfection we see in the media. Try to be what we are “supposed to be”.

But if you are truly honest with yourself. Can you even picture your head on that perfect body? Could you see that body walking down the street with your head on top?

For most people, including me, the answer is probably no. I can’t picture myself on a body that’s shredded with abs, and that’s probably the reason I’ve never experienced that. Visualization is a very powerful tool, if you consistently visualize what you want, it helps in taking concise action towards it.

But if we cant visualize what our body is going to look like when we are happy, how will we know if we are there. Basically, we won’t. We will continuously work hard in the gym chasing something we don’t know. This is why there is such a yoyo culture when it comes to health and fitness.

People jump from plan to plan, from gym to gym, hoping that one of them will eventually help us get that body of our dreams.

The body that we have now idea how it looks.

See the problem?

Now if we were to chase a feeling, that would have a different result. You might find you can have that feeling without changing a thing. See happiness will not come from that number on the scales, or the clothes we fit in to, or the compliments we get from friends and family. Most of us will completely brush those compliments off and turn them into insults. Why do we do that?!

As cheesy as it is your happiness comes from inside you. You can choose to fill your life with experiences that make you happy. And remove things that don’t make you happy.

Now im not saying if you can’t visualize yourself with a good body to just give up on the gym. The gym has so many benefits outside of just looking good. Every workout leaves you feeling good. And that’s the important part.

So, if you can visualize what you want to look like, that’s great. You can follow a specific plan to get there. But if you can’t and just want to feel better in yourself, then forget about your weight, forget about the inches, find exercise you enjoy, show up consistently, give it your all, create happy experiences, and enjoy your life.

June 22, 2017

Do You Believe In You?

Do You Believe In You?

Belief in ourselves and what we do is probably the most powerful tool you can have at your disposal. If you believe in yourself you can be pretty unstoppable. However if you don’t believe in yourself then the opposite is very true. You wont get anywhere. You will constantly stop yourself and constantly let other insignificant things become huge things and get in the way.

Ive experienced this a lot. Ive had very little belief in myself for a long time but lately I’ve taken ownership of some issues in my life, I’ve handed back some shit that belongs to other people, and I’ve chosen to give myself the credit i deserve. Ive started being nicer to myself and truly started caring myself. This has shown up in simple things such as making doctor and dentist appointments for things i keep putting off, looking after my teeth better, starting a skincare routine (i have a daytime AND a night time moisturiser!), taking time for myself, just for me, to enjoy my own company, I’ve been eating much better, I’ve been drinking a lot less alcohol as it just does not work for me, and I’ve been going to the gym a lot more. Ive shown myself some serious care recently. And in the end of the day if i don’t care for and about myself, why should anyone else?

See we all have times of self doubt, times of fear, not being sure if we are doing the right things or taking the right actions. Fear of failure is a massive action killer. Take starting a gym programme for example. So many people get the idea and motivation to finally start, but get inside their own heads and freak themselves the fuck out so much that the fear of failure stops them doing anything. But when you think about it logically, even if you fail, you could end up 10 steps ahead of where you are now, fuck even 2 steps ahead of where you are now. What a lot of people don’t realise is thats not failure, thats progress. You actually got started on something, you took action. Yeah you may not have made it as far as you hoped, but you are now in a better position than still sitting in your funk afraid to take any action. Now you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. Failure is natural. As much as I’ve let fear of failure hold me back in life its not something we should be afraid of. Its something we should embrace as every failure is a chance to learn something and better ourselves.

This is true for anything in life. Gym programme you were thinking of starting? Business idea you wanted to launch? Just something you wanted to do for you but were afraid of judgement?

Just do it!

Something I’ve wanted to do a lot more lately is provide much more content online. Videos and posts to help as many people as i can. Really put myself out there. But the fear of being judged has held me back with this.

But not any more!

There is a beautiful art in accepting yourself for you, and not giving a flying fuck what anyone else thinks of you.

I do this to help people, so any judgements i may receive are absolutely nothing to do with me. They are other peoples issues. And thats how they will remain.

So lets be honest, what have you been afraid to do for fear of judgement or failure?

Is there something holding you back from taking action?

Go take some action!

May 11, 2017

5 Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

When starting your fitness journey everyone tends to have similar goals. These are usually improved health and strength, improved body composition, and better confidence in yourself. However there seems to be a lot of mistakes commonly made by people starting off. So let this guide help you make a great start.

  1. You don’t have a plan

Most people just get so motivated and excited about making changes they forget to actually plan anything. Planning tends to go as far as deciding to change, joining a gym, and going. There is rarely proper goal setting, or a set gym and nutrition plan to follow. This is still a start and better than nothing, but without a plan in place you eventually lose that motivation that got you started. This is why so many people start and stop. There is a distinct lack of focus and you just go through the motions.

The solution here is to create a plan before you start. Why are you going to the gym, what do you want to achieve, what time frame would you like to achieve this in, Set big goals, but also break that down into smaller achievable goals and create action points around those goals. Once you have a plan to follow, this can really help keep the motivation flowing.

2. You overthink things

This is an important point. There so much information out there on the best way to be healthy. Theres literally endless amounts of information on the internet yet people struggle to take action. What happens here is called paralysis by analysis. This is basically there are too many different options to choose from so you make no choice at all. Its not surprising, ever week you have a different health professional or magazine saying follow this plan or only eat this food, its exhausting. Want to know the big secret? ALL THE PLANS WORK. Every plan out there works to some extent.

So the solution here is to pick a form of exercise you like. Follow a nutrition plan you can sustain. And have fun wile doing it.

3. You jump from fad to fad.

Now this one happens all too regularly. A new detox shake pops up, promises you will lose 10 pounds in 2 days and feel amazing, and it just costs 150 euro for the 10 days. DON’T FALL FOR THIS. A simple thing to remember is if its offering crazy results that seem too good to be true, then it most likely is. If you lose it fast, it wont last. Of all the shakes, pills, and teas, none of it is healthy, and none of it actually works. There is literally no substitution for healthy eating and exercise.

So ignore the fads and a great way to know they’re a load of bull is if your friend is suddenly selling them part time and making  a full time income. PM me for more info hun xoxo

4. You change too much too soon

Everyone does this at some point. You get excited about making progress so you cut out carbs or other food groups. You go gluten free, vegan, dust only, you basically go to extremes. The problem here is this will create changes in your body, but its not sustainable. You will feel great at first, “look at me taking action and sticking to it”, but you will eventually crash and have the mother of all binges. Then you will self loath for a few days before starting fresh again on Monday. Cutting out carbs is not what works. Cutting out any food is not what works. No food is bad. Its a reduction in calories that works. There is no magic plan, in the end of the day every single plan comes down to reducing calories.

The solution here is to create some small, sustainable habit changes, that allows for bigger changes down the line. If its sustainable you will keep it up.

5. You’re not recording anything

Now most people leave this part out, but its so important. How do you know what to change if you don’t know what your starting point is. Most people mindlessly eat junk food without even realising they’re doing it. When you start recording everything it allows to to recognise your bad habits and give you a much stronger start point around what small changes you can make.

Start keeping a food and exercise journal. Write down all foods you eat and all drinks too. And be totally honest. If you leave foods out for fear of judgement then you’re just kidding yourself. Be honest with yourself and take ownership of the fact that you’re eating more than you need.

Theres a lot more i could add to this list, but I’ve probably already lost your attention so ill leave it there. You don’t have to go it alone. Rope in a friend or partner or family member to follow the health journey with. If you have someone it really helps as you can motivate each other. The other option is to join a fun encouraging fitness group or get a personal trainer. And my group just happens to be the most fun and encouraging group in the city. Total shameless plug there. I offer free trials of my groups so if you would like to try it you can fill in your details on this site for a free trial. Just see the sign up at the bottom of the page or on the home page, leave your details and i will contact you.

May 4, 2017

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

How To Lose Weight Effectively And Keep It Off

Post 1: Food Diaries

There are lots of mistakes we tend to make when it comes to weight loss. See there is so much conflicting information out there as to which is the correct action to take, it can very easily become overwhelming. Theres different types of training, different diets, different meal frequencies, different restrictions, Different times to stop eating, basically every professional could tell you a different way to do it. And while none of them are necessarily wrong, they are not all for you. There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss. Everyone is different, leading different lifestyles, working different jobs, from different backgrounds, all of which need to be taken into account with your individual approach.

So in these articles I’m just going to cover some simple steps you can take to help with weight loss. And when i say weight loss this also means fat loss as some people may lose fat but not lose weight. But thats a story for a different article.

Today we will just talk about the power of a food diary. Food diaries are so under rated. A lot of personal trainers totally ignore them, while a lot of clients fear them. For trainers, most just hand out a set food plan for the client to follow. They are supposedly unique from client to client but you will find they are probably all the same. These plans focus on a reduction in calories by cutting out alcohol, sugar, cutting out or reducing carb intake, and choosing overall lower calorie foods to live on. This will work and will result in weight loss, but most of the time its not sustainable. And you will most likely gain any weight you have lost back as soon as you stop following this diet. See if they did not assess your starting point, they have just made random assumptions as to what to change, and most likely provided no education around what you are doing.

Clients then can also fear a food diary as its going to highlight their food intake, be it good or terrible. So theres an inherent fear of being judged around this. This can lead to clients then leaving certain things out of the food diary so it doesn’t look as bad, but this is one of the worst things you can do as you are now lying to the trainer, but more importantly you are lying to yourself. This can start a cascade of you believing your diet is not that bad, and then getting frustrated when you are not making changes because you have not been honest with yourself. Accepting your diet for what it is and taking ownership is a powerful thing. We will be talking about taking ownership in a different article as its an extremely powerful tool.

So with a food diary you don’t need to be fancy or over the top. Theres apps on your phone you can use such as MyFitness Pal. This is great as you always have your phone with you. You can manually input the foods you are having or even scan barcodes. This also tracks your calories, protein, carbs, and fats from food so its a very handy tool. Knowing this information allows you to know straight away if you have eaten too much or too little.

If you don’t want to use the app you can use a simple notepad. I provide my clients with a small notebook that will fit in most bags or even in your pocket and you can write food and drinks down as you go about your day.

Once you have a few days worth of data, weekends included as these tend to be different, you can start to make some changes. There is absolutely no need for a total diet overhaul, yes it will provide fast changes but they wont last. With your food diary you can start to make some small changes day by day or even week by week. Small changes done consistently will provide you with the big changes you want to see down the line.