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    I Don’t Like My Reflection

    September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

I Don’t Like My Reflection

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When i look in the mirror i don’t like what i see.

If this is a common thought for you then that needs to change. No one should dislike their reflection.

Being someone who has had this issue for years, and now being able to say I’m happy with my reflection, i know how tough it can be.

You look at your reflection and your first thoughts are negative. You pick at the things you don’t like and you think about how you could change them.

You are not alone.

So many people feel the exact same way. But this is not ok.

I believe a lot of this stems from the media, particularly those magazines for women which mainly point out how horrible a certain celebrity looks in their bikini or how someone has really let themselves go. And once someone improves their body to the point they look anorexic, they are hailed as fabulous once again.

Again, this is not ok.

Our minds have been warped to believe you have to look a certain way, be a certain size, and fit into a certain type of clothes to be deemed beautiful.

I despise this.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

But it takes a long time and a lot of self work to be able to see this, and more importantly admit this to yourself.

Constantly feeling like you are not enough will leave you constantly not being enough. How you feel is completely in your control. Therefore you can take back this power and choose to feel better about yourself.

Now its not as simple as just snapping your fingers and telling yourself you’re hot every day. But this does help.

If you start focusing on the positives you will find more positive.

For years i have trained to change my body. To be more muscular. To have less of a belly. Especially as a personal trainer theres an expected look you feel you have to achieve. Well i no longer feel i need to conform to a specific look. And i have really grown to love and accept my body as it is.

Now i will still train, i love making my body stronger and my focus is on improving my health and just continuing to feel good in my own skin. As a result of this my body will change, but thats completely fine as looking a certain way doesn’t change how i feel about myself.

But that specifically is not my goal. Not my focus. And no longer my obsession.

You should do the same. Focus on your health, improving your strength, improving your fitness and flexibility, and improving your relationship with your body.

If you focus on these, everything else just tends to fall into place, and you will be much happier along the way.

Its not an overnight fix, its a journey into yourself.

And if you keep moving forward, through the journey, you will be proud of yourself and what you can achieve.

This is a massive topic we will be working on in my 6 week challenge groups starting next week. If you would like more information on the challenge just send me a message.

In 6 weeks time you could have a much healthier relationship with your reflection.

Its time to start your journey…..


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