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    Mental Health And Resistance Training

    May 28, 2018

May 28, 2018

Mental Health And Resistance Training

Last week I seen an article on the benefits of resistance training for mental health and it’s amazing to see this topic finally get more attention.

Resistance training has long been proven to be beneficial for both physical and mental health but much of the focus has been on physical health as mental health doesn’t get spoken about much. Well it’s nice to see this start to change.

Resistance training and exercise in general is amazing for overall health but too often it is used wrong.

Most people use it as a tool for torture and punishment. The general thought process is usually “I want to lose weight, so I need to exercise”. And this is the wrong focus. Yes, if you’re carrying too much extra weight there are going to be health complications, however, if your focus is more around improving health and getting stronger, the language changes to “I want to exercise so I can improve my health”.

This is an entirely different focus. Need becomes want. Need is forces from an external focus, want comes from within. When you need to do something, it feels like a chore. When you want to do something, it comes with passion.

You see, 45 minutes of exercise becomes your time for you. It’s your time away from the world to focus on just yourself and improving you. So many people won’t take this time for themselves. But it is essential. Especially as you age. I’ve seen the difference in mind and body from people who did not stay active compared to those who kept up regular activity right up to their 60s and 70s and the difference is immense.

Keeping up regular activity is your insurance to live a better life as you age.

Combining exercise with some mindfulness activities such as meditation or journaling really helps keep both your body and mind as strong as possible.

Looking after both is essential. One without the other will only get you so far.

Here is the article i spoke of on resistance training and mental health.

Resistance Training and Mental Health

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